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Vice President of Finance

Photo of Stevon Lester

Stevon Lester

Position: Vice-President of Finance, Student Government Association
Office: Davidson Student Center 207, Office #201
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Instructions and Forms

Please read: How Do I Request Funds from SGA? (PDF)


  • Submit all pre-payment funds requests with necessary paperwork at least 30 days prior to the date funds are needed to ensure that the request is received and reviewed with enough time. This policy will be strictly enforced.
  • All reimbursement funds requests over $500 must have all necessary documentation submitted 14 days in advance of forum to be considered. Any request that goes to Forum which exceeds $500 must have a corresponding presentation which must be emailed to the VP of Finance the Tuesday prior to the Forum in which it will be brought to the floor.
  • Please do not submit requests that exceed $1500, the board does not plan to bring requests this large to the floor.
  • All Travel Requests must have paperwork submitted At Least 60 Days Prior to the travel date.
  • The last day to request funds is 30 days before the date of the last forum meeting of the semester.
  • Requests can be submitted as early as January 23rd 2020 for Spring Semester
  • Last day to submit a request of more than $500 is February 27th 12pm
  • How Funds May Be Used and Voted Upon
    • All events where food is purchased must be open to all Students
    • SGA Money may not be used for fundraisers or to purchase items that are to be sold
    • Student Activities Funds are also not allowed to be used for gifts or to pay speakers/instructors
    • All T-Shirts must have designs approved by Greg Hudgison and a 2nd quote if the cost is >$500
    • SGA may allocate funds for specific products based off of a local market price as to prevent wasteful spending
      • Example: the cost of purchasing a Soda at a Gas Station vs the cost of purchasing a Soda at a Wal-Mart
    • The Requests must also contain specific info regarding what items are to be purchased and at what cost
  • If the Purpose of Event is less than 50 words, there will be no vote on the proposal as the organization would have failed to provide enough information to constitute a vote
  • If Funds Requests are filled out incorrectly the Board may not consider voting on them until corrected
  • Any questions not answered above should be directed to the Vice President of Finance


Each request must have a vendor, vendor tax ID, W-9, and vendor mailing address.


What Forms Do I Need to Receive Funds Before My Event?


Required Forms For Travel

What Forms Do I Need Before I Take a Trip?

I'm Back: What Forms Do I Need to Complete?


Note: For an organization reimbursement the organization's tax ID or agency account number must be given

I Need to Be Reimbursed for Funds I Personally Spent

My Organization Needs to Be Reimbursed for Funds We Spent