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National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)nphc

The National Panhellenic Council is the governing body for 5 fraternities out of 9 Greek letter organizations.

Our Mission:
"Unanimity of thought and action as far as possible in the conduct of Greek letter collegiate fraternities and sororities, and to consider problems of mutual interest to its member organizations."

Our Purpose:
NPHC promotes interaction through forums, meetings and other mediums for the exchange of information and engages in cooperative programming and initiatives through various activities and functions.

Who We Are

The Columbus State University NPHC host weekly meetings. Each member organization sends two delegates to the meetings, and these students serve as the representative voice of their chapters on all action items.

NPHC fraternities will typically hold at least one interest meeting each semester. Interested members are encouraged to research each fraternity's specific membership requirements and attend interest meetings. Interest meetings are advertised via fliers, and on CSUinvolve.

How to Join an NPHC fraternity or sorority:

Each NPHC fraternity and sorority brings in new members at various times of the year through a process called Membership Intake. All organizations governed by the National Pan- Hellenic Council have different requirements for membership. These organizations are permitted to conduct intake based on the chapters schedule and/ or their need for expansion. Some organizations conduct intake each semester; others do so only once a year. When organizations are looking to conduct Membership Intake, many of them will host an informational meeting in which the criteria for membership is explained. These are usually publicized via flyers on campus. NPHC will host a general information session about all of its organizations for students who have questions or are unsure about the intake process. This event is called "Nine Torches of Wisdom" and is held in the fall semester.

Requirements to Join an NPHC organization:

Typically, a student must obtain a collegiate GPA of 2.5 or higher, community service experience, and involvement in clubs or community activities. Nevertheless, each NPHC organization has its own requirements set by their (inter)national organization and the CSU chapter. Please contact the CSU chapter that you are interested in for more information.


Chapters approved for Intake:

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

 Brianna Manuel

Brianna Manuel 
National Pan-Hellenic Council

Cedric Parker

Cedric Parker
National Pan-Hellenic Council
VP of Standards and Conduct

Brandon Pace

Brandon Pace
National Pan-Hellenic Council
VP of Finance

Jacquez Whitfield

Jacquez Whitfield 
National Pan-Hellenic Council
VP of Programming


Xavier Hall

Xavier Hall
National Pan-Hellenic Council
VP of Intake



 Chapter Requirements To Join
Please make sure you consult with the specific chapters for more information. These are subject to change. It is recommended you attend the chapters interest/informational meeting and/or visit their respective National Website.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.


  • Matriculation as a full-time undergraduate student where the campus chapter is located; or matriculation as a full-time undergraduate student at an accredited school affiliated with an undergraduate city chapter in the community;
  • Must have creditably completed* at least one grading period (or as defined by the college or university) as a full-time student at the institution affiliated with the chapter, immediately preceding submission of application;
    • *creditably completed is synonymous to earned full-time hours (12+ hours) for Spring or Fall session, whichever is applicable
  • A cumulative and semester average of C+, immediately preceding submission of application. (In those universities using pass-fail, required competency or good standing systems of grading, either shall be acceptable.)
    • C+ is equivalent to a 2.50 on a 4.0 scale if the school does not have a plus or minus on the grading scale,
    • Some chapters and/or schools may require a higher semester and/or cumulative average for undergraduate membership eligibility;
  • Attendance at the official Rush Process
  • An official Rush begins the undergraduate membership process for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. Rush information such as location, date and time of the activity is posted a minimum of two weeks in advance; however, the college or university may impose additional requirements that will impact the process. Any prospective candidate that does not attend Rush is ineligible for candidacy consideration at that time.
  • The Sorority's undergraduate Membership Intake Process (MIP) begins when a candidate receives a Letter of Acceptance.
  • There are no membership activities between Rush and issuance of acceptance letter;
  • MIP activities prior to and after Rush are prohibited; however, the school can require that prospective applicants fulfill or meet certain conditions prior to seeking membership;
  • Pledging is not a part of the membership process, and anyone who knowingly and willingly participates in pledging activities may be forbidden membership with the Sorority. Additionally, suspension and/or expulsion may result if it is discovered that an individual participated in pledging activities once a member.
  • The Undergraduate Membership Application will assist with preparing for a Rush. Prospective applicants need to address any inquiries about the Membership Intake Process with the Graduate Advisor for that chapter.



Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.


A. Any woman of good character is eligible for collegiate membership in the Sorority provided that she:

1. must demonstrate involvement in public service activities;

2. is matriculated at a college or university, approved by the Scholarship and Standards Committee, in day, evening or extension classes as a student pursuing work leading to an initial baccalaureate degree or its equivalent;

3. has completed at least 24 semester hours or 36 quarter hours at a college or university recognized by the US Department of Education, the Council of Higher Education or the equivalent international accreditation agency and is currently enrolled as a part-time or full-time student as defined by the college or university;

4. has submitted a completed Application for Membership packet which includes an official transcript showing a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale or 1.75on a 3.0 scale, which transcript must be mailed directly to the chapter from the appropriate college or university;

5. has been approved for membership by majority vote of the9
members of the chapter through which she is to be initiated. The chapter vote is final. Absent a violation of the Sorority's Membership Intake Program, a chapter vote shall be upheld;

6. has been approved for membership by the Director of the Region of which the initiating chapter is a part;

7. is not a member of, nor has been expelled from, any society holding membership in the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. or the Panhellenic Conference, Inc.;

8. meets all financial requirements of the Grand Chapter and the initiating chapter; and

9. meets all requirements for membership as outlined in the Administrative Procedures for Membership Intake and procedural manuals approved by the Executive Board.B. Any woman who has received or completed the requirements for a baccalaureate degree is ineligible for membership in a collegiate chapter, even if she remains at that institution to pursue another baccalaureate degree.

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

How to Become a Member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.
Although membership in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. is by invitation only, we encourage interested women with a track record of community service and currently pursuing a baccalaureate degree or in possession of a baccalaureate degree to contact a chapter in your local area for more information. The required way to show formal interest in membership is attendance at the Informational Interest Meeting hosted by Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. on the campus or in the community. You are welcome to bring a resume with you to the Interest Meeting. Attendance at the Informational Interest Meeting does not guarantee that an invitation to membership will be extended.

Minimum Educational Requirements for Undergraduate Membership in Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.:

• Currently enrolled at a four-year college or university that meets the Sorority's accreditation standards.
• Has earned at least a 2.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale or the grade point average required on the campus, whichever is higher.
• Must have earned at least twelve (12) Credit Hours at the college or university where membership is being sought.
• All undergraduate members are required to maintain a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale grade point average after membership intake into the Sorority.

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc

Eligibility Requirements
College Chapter Membership:
Any male student of an accredited college may be presented as a candidate for membership in a college chapter
provided that he:


  • Attends an institution where an active chapter is located (Membership is not available for individuals attending an online university that does not have a chapter seat. Membership is only available for individuals attending the school where the chapter seat is located.)
  • Has successfully completed one semester or two quarters of a regular year's program
  • Is a full-time student taking courses leading to his first academic degree
  • Is in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 2.5 on a 4.0 grade point scale or equivalent except where the minimum grade required by the college for graduation is greater; then the minimum grade for graduation must be used for eligibility
  • Is of good character
  • Is registered to vote, if eligible and qualified
  • Is sponsored by a member in good standing from the chapter in which the candidate is seeking membership
  • Is recommended by a member in good standing from the chapter in which the candidate is seeking membership


Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Basic Eligibility Requirements:
Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. is divided into two main categories: Collegiate (members currently attending colleges and universities), and Alumni (members who have completed their undergraduate education).

  • Collegiate membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is limited to college men who are actively working toward obtaining a baccalaureate degree at a recognized college or university. Potential candidates should have completed at least one grading period and have obtained a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA based on a four-point scale;
  • Alumni Membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity is limited to professional men who have earned a baccalaureate degree or other degree from a recognized college or university.
  • Candidates of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity cannot hold active or previous membership in another intercollegiate fraternity, other than an honorary or professional fraternity.
  • Candidates for membership in Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity must apply to a chapter in the region where they reside, based upon the terms and conditions outlined in the Fraternity's membership intake and development process.

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.


  • Be enrolled as a current full-time student in an accredited four (4) year college that is in good standing.
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5 (in a 4.0 system, or equivalent in a different system).
  • Have completed at least 30 semester credit hours in a standard semester system.
  • Submit three (3) letters of recommendation.
  • Must be sponsored by a member of the Chapter to which he is applying through the submission of a Nomination Form.
  • Submit a Medical Consent and Release (Form 89) from a licensed physician taken within the last ninety (90) days. Parent/Guardian signature is required for candidates under 18 years of age.
  • Complete an Application for Membership – Form 9A
  • Sign and notarize all required documents
  • Turn the application in to your Membership Selection Process (MSP) Coordinator
  • Have verifiable school participation in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and campus organizations.




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