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Fraternity & Sorority Workshops

Recruitment 101: How To Recruit Quantity & Quality
Does your chapter want to learn the secrets of successful recruitment/ intake process? This workshop will help you identify ways to make your brother or sisterhood more marketable to students. You can focus on quantity of new members and their quality!

Lost in Transition: Keys To A Successful Leadership Transition
Stop worrying about your successors and how your chapter will continue succeeding on campus. Facilitating a successful transition will help your officers understand their roles and plan for their term.

Accountability & Values
Holding your members accountable is not a one person job but the whole chapter's responsibility. Have your chapter go through an accountability workshop to learn what successful chapters do to get their job done and uphold their values.

Hazing Prevention
What is hazing and how can we be part of the solution? Learn about your chapter's responsibility to make CSU a hazing- free campus!

You can also check Hazing Prevention.Org for more information! 

Risk Management
Successful chapters have a good grasp on risk and how they should react and respond when crisis arises. This workshop will help you identify what your chapter should follow and what CSU, the State of Georgia, and your National Headquarters are asking for.

Pillars of Excellence Accreditation Program
Learn about the Pillars of Accreditation Program and the requirement your chapters must complete in order to keep their active status on campus.

 Fraternal Information Programming Group 

The Risk Management Guidelines of FIPG include the following provisions and recommendations. These are intended to apply to all levels of membership in an organization. These are recommendations only as FIPG does not exist as a stand-alone association with membership and a board of directors. FIPG serves as a resource of the Fraternity Executives Association (FEA) for all organizations, colleges, universities and other entities and individuals.

The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life has adopted these policies to govern all Social, Greek - Letter organizations. 


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